New Alien movie on the way, helmed by Neil Blomkamp

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So in pretty huge film news and seemingly out of the blue, a new Alien film was announced today, much to the joy of all Alien and any long time horror fans out there, Prometheus wasn’t exactly every Alien fans cup of tea and that’s fair enough.

This new film may just be the Alien film that longtime fans have been wanting, there are so many places the story could go and the franchise is in good hands under Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium). An ambitious and bold filmmaker with a love for sci-fi, taking on an Alien film will be a bit of departure for him but I think he can make it work, he’s openly spoken about how big a fan of the franchise he is and he has wanted to direct an Alien film for a while, so it seems like a fitting move.

Importantly, Ridley Scott is still onboard as a producer for the new film and I’m sure he may have some creative inputs and suggestions here and there so all in all, it’s a pretty sweet set up, seeing an Alien film with todays’ CGI as well should be quite something. Prometheus (love it or hate it) had some great visuals and the new Alien film will look even better, depending on when it does come out (2016, 17?), especially in the hands of Blomkamp, who seems to have a good eye for visual spectacle.

Some other talking points, will Sigourney Weaver return? She has recently spoken about being open to reprising her role as Ripley in the films, also will the new film be a direct sequel to the original films, also how will it fit in with the franchise in relation to Prometheus and Prometheus 2. Lots of things to think about but yeah, I’m pretty excited to find out more about the film in the coming months/years cos it could end up being great.


2 thoughts on “New Alien movie on the way, helmed by Neil Blomkamp

    • Same, Blomkamps distinct style of storytelling plus the world of Alien sounds like an interesting combo and he tends to nail visuals in his films too.

      And well as long as they don’t make her a clone again, it could work somehow.

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