Oscar night reaction

So, the Oscars everyone, the biggest, longest and glitziest night in the film industry calendar took place last night, generally entertaining and flowing awards show, Neil Patrick Harris was a fantastic host in my opinion and while there weren’t too many huge surprises as far as winners go, it was still an overall good show.

While not full of the spontaneity and randomness of moments in the 2014 Oscars which Ellen Degeneres hosted, it still had some great moments, NPHs’ birdman re-enactment, John Travolta and Idina Menzels’ re-union, John Legend and Common winning an Oscar for ‘Glory’ and performing it.

Eddie Redmayne winning best actor was great and maybe not that much of a surprise as he was a long running favourite, alongside Michael Keaton who had a good night regardless as Birdman picked up a few awards. Seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel pick up awards for production design and make up and hair styling was nice as well, the film was too good to not win anything. Also Boyhood, the film didn’t have a great night, Patricia Arquette won best supporting actress but Birdman really had more of a clean sweep, I was expecting more of an even share between the two films and other media outlets seemed to think the same but hey, at least it wasn’t completely shut out.

And Interstellar won an Oscar! For best visual effects, a well deserved win of course, the only real surprise win for me was Graham Moore winning the Oscar best adapted screenplay with The Imitation Game, not that the film’s bad but I was expecting American Sniper to pick it up. And speaking of American Sniper, nothing for it at all? That was a bit of a surprise but I suppose it was never a huge candidate to have a big night at the Oscars, it was a fairly late general release (came out in January). While films like Whiplash, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman and Boyhood had months of pre-awards hype and build up.

Oh and I got a few Oscar predictions right (though they were fairly predictable this year), with Best Picture, Best Actor, Best supporting actor, actress, Best original screenplay.


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