New superhero spinoff show coming to the CW

So in some new CW related news, the network has set its’ sights on a potential new spin off show featuring characters from Arrow and The Flash, in a weird mish-mash, super-hero team up/the premise makes no sense at this point but we’ll see where it goes.

And yeah, Caity Lotz who played the original Black Canary in Arrow who is also dead is suppose to be in it, as is Captain Atom and Captain Cold interestingly enough, so not a full roster of heroes. The announcement of a hero ensemble show rather than an out and out spin off based on one character did take me by surprise and you have to wonder where the CW is going with this exactly. Though to be fair, maybe a lone spin-off would be risky and the CW may not want 3 standalone superhero shows on at the same time as one could bomb, but having a superhero-team show plus Arrow and The Flash is apparently getting the go ahead, so who knows.

We’ll get a lot more information about said show as time goes on but I’m really curious to find out what exactly it’s gonna be about, the premise needs to be really solid in the first place to draw in viewers, though fans of the CWs’ superhero shows will watch anyway, it’s good to have a wider fan base. Also if this new show is some sort of hero parade style show (which is bit of wishful thinking at this point), it would be awesome to see Green Lantern, Nightwing and some others, though how all these characters plus Captain Cold, Captain Atom and Black Canary fit into a show is somewhat of an issue.

Whatever the intention behind the show, the idea is cool but putting it into practice will be interesting to see,


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