New Avengers Age of Ultron trailer reaction

Yup it’s Wednesday so you know what that means guys… new Avengers trailer of course, this trailer features some cool new things we haven’t seen in the film yet, of course including more Ultron.

So one big new thing is Vision, the red faced looking dude who we see at the end of the trailer, his role has been teased a bit but not fully revealed in the film so it’s cool to finally see him in motion and he’ll undoubtedly play a big part in the plot. And action, we see the Avengers fighting the Ultron bots as well as Ultron himself, specifically Captain America in one scene, Ultron just shrugging off Caps’ shield like it’s nothing, seeing the Avengers come up against a villain that they can’t even beat one on one should be awesome.

We can see the new Avengers tower as well in the trailer, a staple of the Avengers and something obviously very iconic that’s related to the group, also the fury is back, yes Nick Fury’s back in the flesh and helping the Avengers (probably) deal with the fall out of Ultrons’ creation.

And speaking of which, the conflict between the Avengers may be stretched to breaking point because of Ultron being made, especially between Thor and Tony as we’ve seen Thor at Tonys’ throat quite literally. The tension in the group may naturally segue into Cap 3 Civil War as well,  which makes it more believable for some of Marvels’ heroes to be at odds if there was some underlying tension there already.

And finally, still no Black Panther? His existence has been referenced by way of Wakanda possibly featuring in the movie but I think it would be a nice surprise cameo to have him in at some point and I still think Marvel will go with it. Also I would looove a Spiderman reference or nod as a post credits scene but that’s wishful thinking, plus production for Age of Ultron finished weeks ago but hey.

Some talking points

. Is that Tony with Lokis’ sceptre at one point?

. Bruce and Natasha romance on the cards?

. How big of a role will Vision end up having in the film?


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