Marvels’ Agent Carter reviewed

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I’m busy with work and hope to get back to a regular posting schedule soon.

Agent Carter had its’ rather eventful finale a few days ago and I have to say it was a joy to watch overall, pleasantly surprising me as I initially thought the show wouldn’t have enough material or interesting enough storylines to be a hit. But yeah, I was wrong, the show was consistently engaging, Hayley Atwell is great as Peggy Carter of course and the supporting cast made the show quite good as well, the show worked as a whole even at just 8 episodes and I think it should definitely get a full season.

Providing the writing can be up to par with the first season, the show could run for a while longer and speaking of the writing, it’s a staple of the show, really capturing the feel of 1950s’ east coast America, rampant sexism and all. Seeing Peggy kick ass and counter gender stereotypes was refreshing, as was her friend Dottie (Lynsey Fonseca), perfectly cast a source of comic relief throughout the show, just as Jarvis (James D’Arcy) was through the season.

Tony Stark was an integral part of the story but he didn’t feature that much apart from the very start and the end and that was a bit disappointing but the show still carried on nicely without him, Jarvis and Peggy played quite well off each other, as did Peggy and some of the DA agents when they went out in the field.

Agent Carter had a nice tonal balance, being generally light hearted with a fair amount of humour but it did gradually get darker, with 2 major shock deaths with Dooley and Roger Krzeminski, showing that the writers aren’t scared to off characters which was interesting. This may be a Marvel show and a universe populated with heroes, but seeing normal people go about their business and often be in mortal danger just makes for very tense TV at times. Though you never really felt like Peggy was going to lose a fight (except maybe once or twice and she did get knocked out once), the action as well was a high point of the show with some great set pieces, Hayley Atwell (or her stunt double anyway) has some pretty good scenes. Seeing the episode with the Howling Commandos’ especially was a highlight, iconic characters/Peggys’ comrades in arms from the comics, though I do wonder where else the show can go in relation to drawing from the comics, seeing some characters here and there would be nice as would some flashbacks to Cap in the war, so Chris Evans as Cap in the show – Marvel make it happen.

Overall I want to praise the show for its’ good storylines, as I mentioned I thought the show wouldn’t really capture my interest and I didn’t think I’d even watch all of it, but without necessarily using Hydra as a main villain or a supervillain, the show still worked quite well. Fingers crossed that ABC have faith in the show to give it a few more seasons.


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