iZombie reaction

So a cool new show premiered on The CW home of fantasy (should be their slogan anyway) earlier this week and it was pretty good as far as CW shows based on comic books go, not that the CW has had a misfire yet.

Anyway the show has a fairly hard sell with its’ premise, while I find it interesting as an avid sci-fi fan, I did wonder if the wider fanbase of the CW would take it in. The premise being around a normal teenage girl who gets her life turned around after getting scratched by a zombie, eventually turning into one. She now lives her life as a supernatural forensic detective, eating part of the deceased brains which helps solve crimes, while trying to hide the fact that she’s a zombie from her friends and family.

In that description alone, the show is straight up hit and miss, you could describe that to 5 friends of yours and you’d straight away know if they liked it or not, but that being said, the show has a few themes that should make it an immediate CW fan favourite. A female, teenage protagonist, said protagonist trying to fit in society while hiding a secret identity (e.g. Arrow, Flash) and a sci-fi/fantasy element to it as well. The tone of the show is clear from the get go, a fairly satirical show, not scared to laugh at the ridiculous idea behind the show, but it also seems to be a close character drama, looking at Liv as her life is turned upside down and how the people in her life are affected as well.

iZombie so far has me impressed, the acting was generally on point and Rose Mciver especially plays a great nonchalant, nonplussed Liv while her friend Ravi works well as her overly enthusiastic friend trying to help her get her life back on track. I do like the show so far, the pacing, tone and characters and I’m sure it’ll get more interesting as it goes on but I do hope the show keeps the fantasy elements from the comic book, e.g. adding Werewolves and whatnot.

The show doesn’t have to go full Grimm or Vampire Diaries but it would be nice to expand the show beyond simply zombies, plus having zombies existing in the world with no one knowing is a cool idea but again, a bit far fetched (how does no one know people at the boat party were trying to eat each other?). But hey it’s sci-fi/fantasy, I’m sure we’ll have a few answers to some of these questions coming up and I’m anticipating what’s to come from what is so far, a decent show.


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