Spectre first trailer reaction

Daniel Craig rocking those turtlenecks.

So the first trailer for new Bond flick Spectre dropped yesterday and it’s looking pretty good so far, with a few hints here and there towards the plot, Bond apparently hiding a secret from MI6, we also see the big bad of the film (his body and shadowed out face anyway) Oberhauser – the guy talking to Bond near the end of the trailer. That being a nod to classic Bond films with villains having concealed faces.

My reaction straight away to the trailer is to the tone of it all, the opening shot of the partially destroyed MI6 headquarters, the music throughout the trailer, it’s all very sombre and quite dark, continuing with the general tone from Skyfall but this seems even darker. Pitching Bond up against an evil organisation is a great idea for the film and harkens back to Bond plots from years gone by, while we’ve had over the top, typical Bond villains in Craigs’ films, I have a feeling that Bond going against SPECTRE will feel like old school Bond.

We don’t see Q, the new M (Ralph Fiennes) or Christoph Waltz (we don’t see his face anyway) in the trailer so those should be some cool character reveals to come in upcoming promo for the film, as well as Dave Bautista of course, playing bad henchman Mr Hinx who looks the part already. There are photos of Bautista as Hinx and other photos from Spectre already floating around online.

But yeah I’m quite liking the vibe from Spectre so far, it feels quite gritty and old school, we’ll be getting Bond style bad guy henchmen, the brilliant Christoph Waltz as the main antagonist and Bond up against the odds, it sounds great so far.


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