Ranking the Fast and Furious franchise

Fast 7 was just released worldwide, the latest installment in the hugely popular iconic street race turned heist films and to commemorate its’ launch I wanted to rank the series so far (minus Fast 7 of course). Ranked in order of best to worst in my opinion, though I don’t think any of the Fast and Furious films are outright bad, apart from Tokyo Drift. (Now with Furious 7 in the list)

The Fast and Furious

I think the original Fast film gets a bit overlooked, it’s an obvious choice for one of the better films as it’s the film that started it all but that aside, it’s just a really well made and thrilling film, the raw excitement of street racing in a big budget film was something not done well until this franchise after all. The story was great as are the characters and there’s a nice balance there with comedic elements thrown in, the film is so early 2000s but not in a bad way, easily re-watchable.

Fast Five

Fast Five, from the impression I get is seen as the best Fast film to date (until everyone sees Fast 7 anyway) and I would mostly agree, not the best of the franchise in my opinion but a great film nonetheless. The series started to transition after Fast And Furious (2009) into more than street racing and Fast Five really fired on all pistons (pun totally intended) but was just so much fun to watch, the premise was great and the ensemble cast really added to the film.

Seeing Torettos’ family take on bigger, bolder tasks was exciting and seeing how they took on the police and Dwayne Johnson (who is a big enough threat on his own) was pretty cool, plus those great fight scenes, one of the most memorable films from the franchise.

Furious Seven 

The biggest success of the whole franchise, Furious Seven is a great emotional thrill ride and a nice send off for Paul Walker, re-grouping Torettos’ family for one last ride, though there will be more Fast films, Furious Seven has some creative, big set pieces and fully establishes the Fast films as action thrillers with fast cars in them. It’s enjoyable and a good watch, though it does feel like it drags on a bit towards the end and has some predictable moments, it’s still one of the stronger Fast films.

Fast And Furious 6 

Fast 6 represents the franchise taking strides in a different direction, firmly as an action/heist thrillers and the film worked on quite a few levels in delivering that, the action was great, the set pieces were elaborate and over the top in typical Fast and Furious style. Including the hilarious worlds’ longest runway scene at the end of the film but it was rather enjoyable on the whole, with Dwayne Johnson on their side now and exploring more cities in the world, London this time, it gave the film a different feel to it.

Fast 6 was quite an emotional film, with the death of Han, re-introducing Letty and having Owen Shaw and Dom go at it so fiercely, it’s memorable for those moments alone, if not for the tank scene or the runway scene, good film.

2 Fast 2 Furious 

2 Fast was a great film in the franchise and had some great scenes and in terms of just street racing it’s probably the best Fast and Furious film for that, it has that old school Fast and Furious feel to it and some great action and race scenes.

Fast and Furious 

Now this film wasn’t bad in any sense but it just wasn’t as memorable as some of the others, the premise was actually good and throwing Dom and Brian O’Connor into more danger, working with law enforcement and against the criminal underbelly of society was interesting. Fast and Furious had some pretty good action set pieces and some good car chase scenes as well.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Ah Tokyo Drift, the Jerry (Parks and Rec fans, whats up) of the Fast and Furious films, while I love Japan, Tokyo and Japanese culture, it was a bit of a misstep and it’s not controversial to say that, the whole drifting aspect was cool though and should have been used to make a better Fast and Furious film in retrospect.


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