Ant Man trailer reaction

So Marvel dropped their full Ant Man trailer today and it’s looking great and as I expected, it’s not going to be overly gritty or dreary and there will be humour in it of course (Paul Rudd’s in the lead role, it had to be) and well it is a Marvel film, Marvel doesn’t do full gritty. And yeah the Daredevil series is pretty gritty but also has its’ comic relief.

We see a few new things in this trailer including quite a bit of Scott Lang shrinking and growing in the Ant Man suit and fighting in it as well, which all looks pretty cool and isn’t as cheesy as people probably thought it would be. Coming to the end of the trailer I really buy Ant Man as a hero of decent calibre, especially seeing him fighting his arch-nemesis who debuts in this trailer, (Corey Stoll) Yellowjacket, Marvel unveiled the villain of the film in the trailer and we see him in action, going for Scott Lang aka the new Ant Man. Yellowjacket looks pretty menacing and the design of the character’s quite good, same goes for Ant mans’ suit and we also see them fighting at different sizes which is a cool, unique feature of the technology Ant Man and Yellowjacket use, e.g. Ant Man shrinking mid-fight to fight him and so on.  The fight scenes that we’ve seen so far are actually pretty good, for a movie that you may not have expected to necessarily be intense or to have action scenes as good as say a Captain America or Thor movie, Ant Man is shaping up quite well.

Another important aspect of the Ant Man persona is him interacting with insects, namely ants, which we see a bit of in the trailer as well surprisingly and it doesn’t look bad per se, although people may think it’s a bit cheesy, working with ants is part of Ant Man as a character and I think it looks kinda cool.

We also see a bit more of Hope Van Dyne in the film played by Evangeline Lilly (possibly Wasp in a future Marvel film), coaching Scott in fighting and training him up into the role and we have a proper backstory for Scott in general now. Being a former wayward thief who gets chosen, mentored and coached to be the Ant Man by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) for the greater good, while Corey Stoll opposes him using Pyms’ technology and wants to stop him.

All in all it’s a pretty impressive trailer and looks to be another solid entry in the MCU, I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far and I think Paul Rudd is pretty well cast for the role, Hank Pym/the traditional Ant Man is usually portrayed as a bit of a goof and not exactly a serious fighter so with Rudd, it works.


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