Star Wars Force Awakened teaser trailer 2 reaction

So if you didn’t know, it’s Star Wars celebration weekend in, a 3 day event going in California this week and a Star Wars panel just wrapped up a few minutes ago, which included JJ Abrams and appearances from some new faces and original trilogies cast, which was awesome.

A new teaser trailer also dropped and well there are definitely new things to talk about, it starts off with a crashed star destroyer on the desert planet (possibly Jackoo, a new planet as JJ Abrams has stated) and we hear a voiceover from someone force sensitive talking the force in his family. He says this as he picks up a rusty, old Darth Vader helmet no less, this person is a Skywalker (is it Luke talking? Possibly, but also entertain the thought that it’s Han and Leias’ son talking… or Lukes’ kid talking, we’re getting a bit expanded universe here but you never know).

A person hands over a lightsaber to another character as the voice finishes talking (Daisy maybe?) as the voice says that they also have it (the force).

And actually on Vaders’ helmet, my assumption aside, we don’t know who’s picking it up, though it seems to be implied to be the narrator is as he mentions his father in relation to the force, it could be as straightforward as Luke talking but it could also be a interesting misdirect, Kylo Ren holding the helmet?

The cloaked character talking also has a robot hand as we can see when he touches R2D2, like Luke does, so that could be a hint.

We see Daisy and Finn together with BB8, running away from trouble, seen as explosions and probably the empire in the background, confirming they meet probably near the start of the film and travel together.

We see Kylo Ren in action and using that cross-hilt lightsaber and we also see his face, a full image of his face on a poster is also online now. He does look a bit stormtrooper-y but it’s an original look for a sith. And speaking of stormtroopers, we see even more of them in the teaser, as well as a new look, chrome stormtrooper, I wonder who character that could be….

Han and Chewie are finally shown as well with Hans saying they’re “home” which is great, fitting back into their roles like a year hasn’t even passed, we haven’t seen Luke or Leia yet though but so far so good. And interestingly some fan theories online turned out to be true, about a crashed star destroyer in the desert for one and Daisy coming across it.

The trailer is impressive though, Star Wars is going in a solid direction under JJ and the teaser’s given fans enough to be excited about without showing too much, I like that JJ isn’t relying too much on old locations, weapons etc but is introducing a lot of new things, which is great for the franchise. In terms of characters, the aesthetic of said characters, planets and vehicles as well. Though it is another teaser so of course there are things to think about.

. Who is the (Jedi) force sensitive person talking in the trailer?

. Who is that chrome stormtrooper?

. Is that a new empire insignia behind the stormtroopers?

. Why is a tie fighter attacking the empire/stormtroopers? (Is it being piloted by a good character?)

. Who is the voice in the teaser talking to? That person presumably being the new Jedi of the story

. Who exactly is Kylo Ren?


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