Thoughts about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, the CWs spinoff show

So I’ve touched on the soon coming Arrow/Flash spinoff show coming to the CW next year (January is the proposed premiere) but we’ve gotten a bit more information on it now, the title and the overall premise and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

I am still skeptical about the spinoff, just in terms of plot and how they can make an ensemble superhero show on the CW, with characters that have already had prominent roles on Arrow and The Flash but the roster in itself is pretty good, with Captain Cold, Caity Lotz’ Black Canary, Ray Palmer and more characters to debut that haven’t appeared yet. And while it’s exciting to have that set up, I have to wonder how the show will actually pan out, will there be a main protagonist? How can the characters all team up if they’re a weird mix of heroes and villains.. there’s a lot to think about and plan.

Which I’m sure the CW is doing right now, but yeah I’m really curious to see the execution of the idea, the cast is great and the CW doesn’t spare expenses on its’ premier shows, so it should look as good as Arrow or The Flash. Another thing to think about is what will happen to said big characters appearing on Legends Of Tomorrow that also have important parts in Arrow or The Flash, will they appear on both shows like characters have in the crossovers? Will they just stick to the spinoff show? If so you can’t do that with The Flash, as characters like Captain Cold and Heatwave are major long running Flash villains, it’s an interesting predicament the CW may have set up for themselves. Also will the spin off shows’ plot intertwine with other shows and will it have the same continuity?

So in summary, a lot to think about when it comes to this spinoff, though I’m just scratching the surface, the writers for the CWs’ superhero shows have been fantastic in bringing us captivating, entertaining TV since Arrow and with Smallville as well, so I think they can probably work something out. Anyway it’s not all skepticism from me, I think the concept is cool and seeing so many DC characters on screen in a single show will be awesome, something Marvel hasn’t quite gotten to doing yet, though they’re getting there with Agents Of Shield. 

Specifically Marvel hasn’t done it yet with major Marvel characters on screen, though Agent Coulson, Lady Sif and Deathlok are iconic characters, we haven’t had any Avengers or heroes along those lines yet. You could look at the spin off and see it as DC making an attempt to solidify their grip on TV at the moment, striking while the iron’s hot, with them being aware of how big a hit Daredevil has been and with Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones series all to come. But that would be speculation, it’s understandable that the CW would want to make a spin off, especially with the popularity of their current shows and hopefully it will turn out well, I find it hard to imagine it flopping but you never know with TV.


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