The CWs’ Legends Of Tomorrow trailer

Alright, so many trailers (which is a good thing) and I really didn’t expect to see footage from the CWs’ spinoff show Legends Of Tomorrow anytime soon but well it’s out there as a first look preview so watch it now!

Anyway we see the assembled team, brought together by Oliver and Barry, Hawkgirl (actual Hawkgirl) Captain Cold, Heatwave Victor Garber (formerly part of Fire Storm) and the newly revealed White Canary aka former Black Canary and the presumed dead Sarah Lance. We hear Oliver talking to the group about the need for them to work together, while the group members themselves express doubt at how it’s going to work which makes sense as the characters are nothing alike and there are two criminals in it as well.

But we finally get a solid reason as to why they need to be working together, to fight a big DC villain – Vandal Savage, a character not that many people may be familiar with but he’s basically super intelligent, has lived for thousands of years and has a knack for controlling people. Also debuting in the trailer is Rip hunter (Arthur Darvill), a British time travelling hero, telling them all that they will be a group in the future and will become legends for what they do. There’s a surprising amount of footage in the trailer imo, I didn’t know they had filmed this much already, we see some extended fight scenes featuring Victor Garber, Captain Atom and White Canary, none of Hawkgirl fighting yet as they fight what seems to be Vandal Savages’ army of masked men.

The spinoff is a great opportunity for character cameos and debuts galore, though they probably don’t want to overdo it, nonetheless it’s cool to think we could possibly see a range of DC characters not yet seen on a live action show, Nightwing maybe, Beast Boy, who knows.

And we also finally see Ray Palmer actually shrink as Captain Atom which is awesome and you can guess he’ll be using that power in the spinoff, also notable is The Flash in a scene, as well as at the start of course, confirming he and Arrow will be cameo-ing on the show. I posted my thoughts on the show a few days ago and I did have my doubts but they are somewhat eased with actually seeing what it will look like now, it’s still very early days and the show’s being produced but it looks pretty good, the premise is solid and if the CW pulls it off, it should be as successful as Arrow or The Flash.


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