New TV shows I’ll be watching this fall

So it’s May, a busy month for TV, cancellations have come thick and fast, autumn TV schedules announced, mid-season premieres announced while the big TV networks all promote and push their new pilots for the upcoming TV season, a few of which look pretty good.

Anyway I wanted to list the… rather short list of new TV shows that I will be watching in just about 4 months time.

CBS – Supergirl

One of this autumns better looking shows, CBS has a potentially great show on its’ hands as we’ve seen in the trailer, with good management of the tone and solid acting, it could be very enjoyable, as fun and light as Flash in its’ lighter moments but as serious as Arrow in others (well that’s the hope anyway). Melissa Benoist seems like a great fit for Kara from what we’ve been shown.

Fox – Minority Report, Scream Queens

Ah Fox, always commissioning interesting shows… and ultimately cancelling most of them, I can’t see a long future for Minority Report sadly but I like the idea anyway, the film and novel are great and a continuation of the story in that world is something I’d happily watch.

Scream Queens on the other hand looks really interesting, it’s being described as Glee meets American Horror Story which is somewhat fitting as Ryan Murphy’s producing it, so it could be quite fun to watch, the cast is pretty good for it so far as well.

NBC – Heroes Reborn 

Heroes is of course something I’ll watch, I was a moderate fan of the show, loved season 1 and then… it started to go downhill but a rejuvenation of the idea with new actors and a new direction could take the show in a pretty cool direction. You could say Heroes paved the way for big budget superhero TV shows on mainstream TV, so it will be interesting to see how the show fares in a new TV landscape with Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and so on.

Angel From Hell is also a cool looking show I might check out.


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