Avengers Age Of Ultron review

It’s like a comic book mosaic

Alright so I have finally seen Age Of Ultron, one of my most anticipated movies of 2015 and well… I had a blast watching it, I loved it and my initial reaction is that I think it’s better than The Avengers, Age Of Ultron is a result of years of planning and production and represents the MCU at its’ best.

It’s one of the most action packed, possibly the funniest and one of the most eventful films in the MCU. The Avengers are assembled once again out of necessity, this time to fight a different threat altogether in the evolving, self replicating AI – Ultron, born from an experiment Bruce Banner and Stark embark on. Ultron of course takes the exterminate humanity as all evil AIs’ do in movies but Ultron is interestingly… complex, yes he wants to wipe out everything but he has his reasons, which almost make sense in a twisted, god complex way, wanting to save humanity by wiping it out.

And of course he’s at odds with the Avengers, who are also at odds with each other and some of the inner group conflict in the movie was quite good, first of all with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being tasked by Ultron to attack The Avengers. We learn they have their reasons for hating Stark, as his weaponry was used against their home and home country and they’re great additions to the overall cast, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson fit brilliantly in their roles and bring some youth and an added element to The Avengers. Maybe people thought they felt a bit shoehorned in but I really enjoyed them in it, Quicksilvers action scenes were great and seeing Scarlet Witch in action was awesome, as a truly superpowered character, Thor is the God of thunder and there’s The Hulk… but neither of them can disintegrate things, so yeah.

Age Of Ultron just flows really well and has one of the tightest plots in the MCU, the film flew by for me and everything fit in perfectly, even Thors’ side story with his visions of Ragnarok (Thor The Dark world preview anyone?) and I think the plot stands as being more fleshed out and of course bigger in scope than The Avengers. Loki is a great villain but Ultron is just bigger in scope, with a genius level intellect, in the movie he’s in dozens if not hundreds of replicated bodies and his ultimate endgame was a well thought plan to not just destroy a local area or City but you know, cause an extinction level event. That in itself just speaks to the scope of Age Of Ultron which managed the vast amount of characters it had excellently, with poise and great use of screentime, seeing more depth to characters was great as well, finding out Hawkeye had a secret family was unintentionally family but showed a more human side to him.

While Black Widow and Bruces’ relationship coming to the forefront was a nice emotional touch to a generally emotional movie, the film doesn’t pull any punches and while you may not think The Avengers are in grave peril through most of the movie, there is a character death and a “aw… really?” moment with Quicksilvers’ death. Aaron Taylor Johnson brought life and enthusiasm to the character and it was a shame to see him go (though hopefully not permanently), the action in the film is top notch and tops a lot of the MCU with some excellent shots in particular, The Avengers fighting Ultrons’ and Vision fighting Ultron come to mind. Paul Bettany was great as Vision as well and brought a nice, classy touch to the film, not forgetting James Spader of course as Ultron, with a vibrant, enthusiastic and lively performance. And the writing is fantastic, each character feels like themselves, you have Cody Rhodes/War Machine with his dry humour, similar to Hawkeyes’, Tony Stark being his cocky, fast thinking self, Captain America being a warrior for morality and so on, seeing the characters all interact and banter with each other was great and the dialogue added some normalcy to what is a big superhero movie. Ultron is ironically one of the strongest and weakest parts of the movie, providing some great scenes, great lines and being a big part of the action but his personality almost drew away from his menacing side, even though he kills a few people in the movie and ultimately he is defeated a bit ‘easily’.

That being said, the writing for Age Of Ultron was great, pretty much on par if not arguably better than Guardians Of the Galaxy and the characterization was just as good, the action was fantastic and the plot was tight, flowing seamlessly from scene to scene and visually, the film is also great. Despite criticisms of Black widows’ role – which are hugely exaggerated of course and the feeling of being ‘there’ and seeing ‘that’, Age Of Ultron does what it does and is brilliant at just being a big superhero movie, one of Marvels’ best movies to date.


. New additions to the cast are great, the film manages to not feel cluttered

. Plot flows really well, great pacing and it’s entertaining from start to finish

. Added depth to The Avengers and other characters

. Continual humour may draw away from some tension and Ultron was defeated a bit easily


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