3 reasons why Captain America Civil War will be awesome

So there has been quite a lot of talk about Cap 3 recently with cast announcements galore, of course needed for the story and yeah, the film is shaping up really nicely, it won’t be as big as the comics’ story just because of logistics and budget…. and loads of characters not being in the MCU yet, but it’s still gonna be big in scope.

I wanted to list a few reasons as to why I think the film will be great and will rival Batman V Superman, so here they are.

It will have all the heroes

Yes, all of them, Civil War as we know is big in scope and features a host of Marvel superheroes and villains, taking sides on the superhero registration act, going toe to toe against each other and simply seeing all these characters on the big screen simultaneously will be great. In a way it’s sort of a culmination of all of the MCUs’ movies to date, featuring all major Marvel heroes that have appeared on film to date, in the way that The Avengers was the big payoff for Marvels phase 1 of movies. The spectacle of seeing some of your favourite Marvel characters all in the same movies is great, as is seeing new additions, Ant Man, Dr Strange, hopefully Daredevil and a lot of others.

Added depth to some Marvel characters

We have seen seeds of tension and drama between Cap and Tony Stark thus far, coming to the surface in The Avengers and hell Thor and Tony fought in the movie, but the storyline for Civil War will divide the characters on a deeper, more personal level and it should be great to watch. We’ll see how Cap, Tony and other characters rationalize their choices and allegiances and seeing this less fighty, human side to characters should also be great to watch.

A stray from typical Marvel movie plots

The MCU is a fantastic, marvellous (pun intended) thing and while 3/4 of the films are great, there are a few criticisms of the movies as a whole, with not having enough compelling villains being one and having somewhat predictable plots, which stands for films like Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor The Dark World. And fair enough it’s not the same for all of the MCU which has some excellent films but Civil War should give us a different plot entirely, with no central villain or plot that is that predictable for audiences that haven’t read the Civil War comic and don’t know how it pans out. So we should getting a more nuanced and complex Marvel film with Cap 3, which of course is a good thing.


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