June summer TV preview

It’s summertime and you know what means… sunny weather, big summer blockbusters and the summer TV season also kicks off as the spring finale season ends. Some of your favourite shows have just ended but it’s not all bad news because there are cool shows coming up, both brand new shows and some prominent returning ones. Here’s a look at just a couple of shows currently on my radar.


The Whispers – premieres June 1st (ABC)

An alien invasion show… with a twist, this show was supposed to premiere in the 2014-15 autumn TV season but got pushed back, I do have my doubts on whether the show will be a success but we’ll find out soon enough. The premise is interesting enough and looks a bit more supernatural than alien but hey, little children being used as conduits for aliens, conspiracy theories, it does feel a bit X-Files but as more of a straight thriller/drama.

Sense8 – premieres June 5th (Netflix)

A new direction for the Wachowskis’ and a stray into TV for them, it’s a sci-fi thriller of sorts and hopefully won’t be as confusing as Jupiter Ascending, the trailer looks decent though and the premise is interesting, centred about 8 individuals that don’t know each other being somehow linked. The idea and ambition is cool, something you can’t say the Wachowskis’ ever really lacked.

Ballers – premieres June 21st (HBO)

A HBO sports comedy/drama about football players, their families and their lives being rich and famous, the show is shaping up decently and could be the surprise hit of the summer, starring Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corrdry. Entourage with sports players, anyone?

Humans  – premieres June 28th (AMC in US, Channel 4 in the UK) 

Humans is a a British sci-fi drama, makes me think of Ghost In The Shell and is about a future populated with life like androids or ‘Synths’, kept by people to be their servants, though of course not everyone is comfortable with the idea of them and their sheer existence causes conflict. It looks to be a bit thought provoking as well, Ex Machina the TV show? Maybe not, but it’s along similar lines.

Scream – premieres June 30th (MTV)

Ah Scream… the TV show, the jury is out for this one but I hope it does well, it seems to be going straight for the type of audience that would tune in week in week out and it has a decent cast. Hopefully it isn’t as cheesy as I think it will turn out to be and MTV have faith in the show and to be fair MTV has made some good teen oriented drama in recent years with Teen Wolf, Awkward (not really a fan but it has gotten a few seasons).


Pretty Little Liars season 7 – June 2nd (ABC)

Hannibal season 3June 4th (NBC)

Orange Is The New Black season 3 – June 12th (Netflix)

Defiance season 2 – June 12th (Syfy)

Suits season 5 – June 24th (USA)

Under The Dome – season 3 June 25th (CBS)

Falling Skies season 5 – June 28th (TNT)

Teen Wolf  season 5 – June 29th (MTV)


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