5 reasons why Jurassic World will be great

So Jurassic World is out in just 11 days and I’m fairly confident it’s gonna be great, the premise of a brand new dinosaur is cool and it looks to be a step in the right direction of the franchise, plus Chris Pratt, you can’t go wrong with Chis Pratt. Here are my thoughts on why it will be good.

Chris Pratt

Speaking of Chris Pratt… the guy is hot property at the moment, a talented actor proving himself in the action/adventure genre, he’s a great fit for a Jurassic movie and can bring some comic relief along to a more serious role if need be. He’ll be a great leading man for a film like this and may bring in audiences.

An interesting new premise

Genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur, you’ll either love or hate the idea but it’s something new, something different for a Jurassic film and it’s something that the franchise has needed really. Simply having explorers go back to the island for one reason or another wouldn’t have been captivating enough in my opinion, plus re-imagining the park in its’ full glory as a well run dinosaur theme park and then adding the all hell breaks loose dinosaur rampage is a nice idea.

New dinosaurs (some not seen in Jurassic Park before)

This is an interesting one but yeah Jurassic World will have a pretty interesting roster of dinosaurs, some never seen in the films before so seeing what parts they play will be interesting, rather than them just being there for scenery or lunch for the I-Rex. And it’s great that audiences will get to see some new potentially iconic dinosaurs.

Better technology

Bit of an obvious choice but its’ 2015, 22 years since the original Jurassic Park and technology has obviously improved leaps and bounds since then, great looking films can be made on budgets half, if not less of what blockbusters were made on in the 90s’ and Jurassic World so far looks great. The spectacle of seeing dinosaurs in full high definition, potentially in IMAX if you’re seeing it in that or in 3D is pretty awesome and will definitely be a big draw for people to come and watch the film.

T-Rex Vs I-Rex

This is a popular theory but still a theory and it makes sense, if the I-Rex is dangerous, near unstoppable and more intelligent than all the other dinosaurs, then the main characters may have no choice other than to release the T-Rex to help try and stop it, along with Chris Pratt and his trained velociraptors, of course. And the T-Rex is confirmed to be in the film so, yeah.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why I think Jurassic World will be awesome and we’ll find out soon enough, the first reviews for it should start rolling out in a few days and I for one, can’t wait to see the film.


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