Young Guns – Ones and Zeroes review

That is an awesome album cover

So we have a new album from Young Guns, a great English alt rock band that I got into about 3 years o so ago, they’re known for the big anthemic songs and some great vocals and they’re also great live (or so I hear) and Ones and Zeroes is a great step in the right direction for the band, whose last album Bones came out in 2012.

Young Guns are cool because they make great music but they also just seem like great, relaxed and down to earth guys that love to make music and it’s evident in the new album, it’s not overly long and it’s well put together with a mix of some exciting fast paced songs like ‘Speaking in tongues’ and ‘Colour Blind’ and some slower ones like ‘Lullaby’. While songs like ‘I want out’ highlight Young Guns more nuanced vocals (for a rock band) and also sound entertainingly anthemic and one thing you can’t criticize Young Guns for being, is boring.

They’re a young, energetic band and their music reflects that, with not a single dull song in the album, there were doubts from Young Guns fans on how the album would sound after ‘I want out’ was release, with people feeling the band had lost its’ way or changed its’ sound too much. But to address this age old criticism of bands changing, it’s natural to show progression and change in music from a band, some bands do, some bands don’t but it’s a great thing to see an shows that a band as a group of people changes and grows over the years. Experimentation in music is always a good thing and it’s refreshing for Young Gun in this case to almost be going with a more electric tone and modulators to their music and more use of different instruments, though the end result is still great music.

Ones and Zeroes shows good progression for the band, a tonally balanced and interesting album, combining fast paced songs with their slower ones, while also featuring the more anthemic, epic sounds that the band has come to be known for.

. Solid album throughout with some great songs

. Great length for the album, not overly short or long


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