Pitch Perfect 2 review

The Bellas are back and ready to pitch slap the competition… well sort of, Pitch Perfect 2 is the sequel to the generally well received and successful Pitch Perfect, directed by Elizabeth Banks this time around. Following the eclectic, vibrant world of Acapella battles in college (which I can imagine is a real thing somewhere), we’re back with the Bellas, now trying to salvage their reputation after a mishap with their live performance, they’re banned from performing in their state but can still perform in the international acapella competition, which they set about to do.

They’re also now joined by a legacy Emily, Hailee Steinfeld, a legacy being the daughter of a former bella singer who joins the group and brings her own touch to proceedings, the film stars all of the former actors from Pitch Perfect but is bigger with bigger acapella groups and singing, highlighted by the dominant DSM (Das sound machine) german group. Who bring a fair amount of the laughs in the film with their interactions with the Bellas, though ultimately they do get beaten a bit easily and predictably, a shortcoming for the film overall, you do sort of see exactly where the film is going and it doesn’t surprise you.

The writing is more of the same in relation to Pitch Perfect Fat, Amy comes out with lines you’d expect her to and her back and forths with Bumper (Adam DeVine) were actually pretty funny, but some funnier characters were left without much of a role or dialogue, e.g. Stacy (Alexis Knapp), or Benji (Ben Platt). Also there are a few jokes here and there walking the line of bad taste with some off the cuff one liners, not really fitting with a film with no intention to shock its’ audience but to entertain it. And in regards to that, the film is entertaining. It’s not a film I’d readily re-watch but hands up, I enjoyed the acapella battles and it was great recognising some classic 90 songs or a few more recent ones in scenes, which is interesting to say as I don’t really care for singing, but I do recognize there are some great singers in the film.

Pitch Perfect 2 is a bit weaker than Pitch Perfect in that regard, with the first film having a tighter and more interesting story and while their is some internal drama and conflict between the Bellas, it’s not as convincing or to the level as it was in the first film and this is maybe where the direction of the film itself may be an issue. Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t necessarily bad and fans of the first film will probably like it, from the characters to the humour but the film missed a beat in my opinion, not quite capturing what made Pitch Perfect such a fan favourite film.


. Generally solid, consistent (to the Pitch Perfect tone/audience) comedy

. Pretty good acapella battles’/solo group songs

. Predictable, basic story


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