Jurassic Park review

Jurassic Park, is something of a modern classic, directed by Steven Spielberg, the film is based on a Michael Cricton novel, an imaginative sci-fi story imagining a theme park based around dinosaurs as its’ main attraction on fictitious islands’ Isla Sauna and Isla Nubar. The dinosaurs are alive an kicking as their DNA has been extracted through their blood, which was stored in mosquitoes – held in amber over hundreds of millions of years.

You know the story – the park is operational and running, being toured by the kids Tim and Lex Murphy, Ellie Satler as they’re taken on the tour by Dr Alan Grant played by Sam Neil but things go wrong when there’s a malfunction in the systems operating the enclosures/exhibits and a host of carnivorous dinosaurs get set loose. It’s also worth noting that the park is part safari and the giant herbivores roam freely around parts of the island. First of all the cast of the film is fantastic, pretty much all the characters get something important to do the in the story and it’s driven by strong performances, from the near constant terror in Tim and Lex or Ellie, to the confidence and assured demeanor of Sam Neil as Alan Grant. Jeff Goldblum is also fantastic in the film as Dr Ian Malcom, providing some great lines throughout the film and its’ sequel, as does Sam Neil, the film knows exactly what to do with each of its’ characters’ whether they’re dino chow or there to drive the plot forward, you really feel like you’re along for the ride and there’s never a dull moment.

And the music of course, Jurassic Park has one of the most iconic and popular soundtracks of all time, fitting for each scene and the main theme is a staple of modern film, along with a lot of other things from the movie, the pairing of the music and certain shots just fit so well and it’s a great example of music being used to convey emotion. Both from the characters, in seeing dinosaurs for the first time and in the audience, seeing the special effects from the movie and imagining being there yourself and seeing dinosaurs, the film captures the imagination in a way only a few films might do in the entire time you’ve been watching films.

The dinosaurs themselves look great and considering the film came out in 1993, 22 years later it still looks great and the effects have held up to today, the mixture of at the time cutting edge CGI mixed with practical effects was a genius idea and it’s stood the test of time. Jurassic Park also popularized the T-Rex to the world and has some of the most iconic scenes in modern cinema, involving the T-Rex and a few other dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is an excellent film because it’s so well contained, entertaining, it’s endlessly re-watchable and every part of it works and works well, it combines elements of various genres, action, a fair amount of comic relief/humour as well as elements of thrillers and even horror films. And I think it stands as a great template for the the ‘perfect’ blockbuster, an exciting premise, an expertly shot, written film with great acting that is great to watch time and time again.

The film is a staple of modern sci-fi and one of the best made and most iconic films of all time and is just as entertaining and captivating to watch to day as it was the first time I’ve watched.


. Great premise and a gripping, entertaining story with great pacing

. Features fantastic visual spectacle, excellently shot film

. Has a fantastic soundtrack

. Has a great set of characters with excellent writing


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