The Lost World: Jurassic Park review

The story of Jurassic Park continues with The Lost World, a film a lot of people view as a misstep and while it fails to re-capture the dizzying heights reached by Jurassic ParkThe Lost World still stands as an entertaining and gripping new story in the Jurassic World – see what I did there.

We return to the Jurassic islands of Isla Sorna, specifically Isla Nubar with some new and old characters, including the returning Dr Ian Malcolm played by Jeff Golblum, four years later following the events of Jurassic Park. Hammons’ dream of a fully functioning dinosaur theme park didn’t quite work out and several dinosaurs survived, now roaming freely and uncheckedon the island and InGen, now in decline wants to get to the island to transport some of the dinos’ off of it and to the mainland to form a new dino zoo. While a team led by Ian Malcolm is sent to the island to research it in the hopes of getting there before InGen, the two teams clash and ultimately try to survive on the now dangerous, unpredictable island.

Some old favourite dinosaurs return, namely the T-Rex and love it or hate it, The Lost World has some very memorable scenes and yes I mean that RV on the cliff scene to name one. This time around however, the story isn’t as captivating, which is strange to say as the setting is the same, a lot of the dinosaurs are the same and a few characters return but that magical feel from Jurassic Park just isn’t quite there. But in saying that, I still enjoy watching The Lost World and it’s far from a bad film, even with its’ more cheesier moments, e.g. the talking raptor dream scene, using gymnastics to fight off raptors.

The cast itself is actually pretty good, featuring Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Richard Attenborough and Jeff Goldblum, who is once again great in the role, though arguably not as good as he was in Jurassic Park and there is a child on the island again in Kelly, Ians’ daughter who managed to stow away in an RV on the island. Because you can’t go to a dinosaur filled island without a child, it’s just one of the rules.

And the action in The Lost World is elevated, there are scenes with two T-rexes and the Velociraptors once again play big part in several scenes, which are still tense, though not as slow and gripping as they were in Jurassic Park, The Lost World has a bigger feel to it with more dinosaurs, some bigger set pieces and more of a human element to it. As a lot of conflict in the story is driven by human drama. And of course the last 25 minutes or so of the film have to be mentioned, with InGen taking a T-Rex back to the mainland and it escaping and rampaging in San Diego, which was great visual spectacle but also widely criticized by a lot of Jurassic Park fans. I think the ending of the film sums up what went wrong with the plot as it seems like the writers didn’t quite know what to do and thought a T-Rex in a city would be cool, a lack of direction for the Lost World ultimately cost the film. The film falls short of being great if you compare it to Jurassic Park but on its’ own I think it’s a decent enough sequel, with some great scenes and it stands as a decent, though not great continuation of the Jurassic movie universe.


. Great to return to the fantastic world of Jurassic Park

. Visual effects are still great

. Plot isn’t structured as well, meanders a bit


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