Jurassic Park 3 review

Ah Jurassic Park 3, okay even I’ll admit that it was kinda bad, the much criticized sequel to The Lost World, takes place on Isla Sorna, featuring Sam Neill as dinosaur expert Alan Grant once again as he gets convinced by a couple to go back to the island to presumably take them on tour, as he is a dinosaur expert and because they’ll pay him a lot. Alan is reluctant, understandably after the events of Jurassic Park but agrees, though we find out the couple lied about their identities and wealth and simply used Alan as a way to the island to find their long lost son, who they presume to still be alive, after he went missing on the island for some time

Jurassic Park 3 wasn’t based on a Michael Cricton book or directed by Spielberg and that ultimately shows in a film that doesn’t quite fit in with Jurassic Park 1/2 though it takes place on the same islands, I will say that I like the plot and it was interesting enough. And with better directing the film could have been a lot better, the cast itself is decent, lifted by Sam Neill reprising his role, Tea Leoni and William H Macy are great as the annoying but entertaining estranged couple and Tea especially puts in a memorable albeit obnoxious performance. While their son Eric, played by Trevor is probably one of the least annoying kids in a Jurassic Park film to date, having learned to somehow fend for himself on the island and not be eaten alive, things change when Grant and the Kirbys’ get to the island with their team however, they find their son but have to now find a way off the island.

Things are complicated when they’re made aware of a monstrous Spinosaurus, supposedly bigger, faster and smarter than a T-Rex, out to get them and maybe not focusing on a T-Rex was a misstep, but I do like that the film decided to take a different route rather than try to repeat what made the first two films successful. The visuals are once again a big feature of the film and look pretty good and the action is again mostly great, with some tense scenes, including the Kirbys’ and Alan just landing on the island itself, you really get a feel that Isla Sorna is a wild and untamed island now in the film, where any of the characters might be pounced on at any moment.

And while there are some great scenes with the dinosaurs, you never quite feel like the characters won’t make it, aside one or two scenes nearer to the end, the Pteranodon scene with Billy and the boat scene with the Spinosaurus spring to mind. The music is a good thing about the film and sets the tone for a mixed film with some dark, tense scenes with a generally light hearted tone to them, as scary as it is to get chased by a 30 foot dinosaur out to kill you, seeing William H Macy in that scene just brings some comic relief, as do the Kirbys’ and their bickering throughout the film.

There’s nothing wrong with comic relief in an action adventure film but I guess some feel as though it was a bit too full on for a Jurassic Park film which is a fair enough, though I would agree that the film failed to really feel as dark as Jurassic Park or The Lost World in any sense. Jurassic Park 3 is ultimately disappointing foray into the world of Jurassic Park, with a solid but cliché plot, a set of characters not as good as the previous films and a new main dinosaur antagonist which didn’t quite hit the mark, as menacing as it supposedly was.


. Good visuals and action scenes

. The Spinosaurus was ultimately a bit of a letdown, not as iconic as T-Rex

. Film fails to be as iconic or memorable as Jurassic Park or The Lost World


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