E3 2015 – my highlights

Fellow gamers, as you know E3 just ended this week and it was fantastic, one of the best E3s’ in recent memory and of all time really, showcasing some of the best, biggest and most creative upcoming games for the next several months that will be shaping up the gaming landscape for the rest of 2015 and early 2016. And I had a few major highlights that I would like to mention.

Backwards compatibility for Xbox One

Microsoft almost stole the show with their great press conference, announcing a new controller, a tonne of games and backwards compatibility, allowing all Xbox one owners to play a huge range of their 360 games, a feature that previously couldn’t happen. This news is pretty huge for people still playing 360 or just for people on Xbox one with a tonne of 360 games and it’s a big statement for Microsoft and a 180 from 2014 E3 show, the statement is “We have games, a lot of them” and it’s a pretty simple but progressive stance for Microsoft. That and man I need to play Arkham City and all the Mass Effect games on Xbox one asap, so it’s all good.

Star Wars Battlefronts’ everything

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I’ve longed for a big battlefield type Star Wars games with starships, blasters, Empire and Rebel vehicles, hero characters and Battlefront has it all, it looks beautiful and it looks like it runs super smoothly. I never played Battlefront 1 and came into Battlefront 2 really late, playing on PC so I never properly got into it so Battlefront (3) is a chance for me to play to my hearts content in 1080p on my Xbox one and I love that and it was one of two games that stole E3 for me.

Fallout 4

I’m a recent Fallout convert but it has one of the most compelling and intriguing open world games well… ever, the gameplay is great and all the lore of the Fallout world, various storylines and characters all interacting make for a super engaging and fun game. Fallout 4 being announced was huge for fans of the franchise and it was anticipated for years, finally seeing footage of the game, seeing gameplay, the ability to mod it on console and use loads of customizable items, weapons etc in it got me pretty pumped. It also looks great in full HD and looks like it runs great, a big graphical update from both Fallout 3 and the last game, Fallout New Vegas. 

Halo 5 Guardians

While I’m not the biggest Halo fan by any stretch of the imagination, I still love sci-fi and the games have an interesting world that they’ve created, the story for the games interests me and the games are just really fun to play, Halo 5 will give the story a new interesting twist with Master Chief possibly gone rogue, Spartans fighting Spartans and who knows what’s going on. But graphically it looks fantastic and the new gameplay features, weapons and vehicles look pretty fun.

Other great looking games (Star Fox Wii-U, The Division, Just Cause 3, Assassins Creed Syndicate)

There were a range of other great looking games from E3, I’ll naturally forget a few but the ones I’ve bolded stood out to me, new Star Fox anyone? This E3 was just a strong showing from more or less all major game developers and publishers, though Nintendo were a bit lackluster, it was a great E3 and set up the rest of 2015 in gaming, which is looking pretty great if you ask me.


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