Tom Holland is your new Spiderman

Marvel and Sony announced their new Peter Parker and Spiderman yesterday in some pretty big news and well… it’s new, I’m not too familiar with the actors so I can’t give that much of an informed opinion but for what Marvel is going for with Spidey now, he fits the bill more or less – though I would have liked and still want Dylan O’Brien to play Spiderman (it needs to happen!).

Holland has a youthful appearance and that fits with Marvel wanting a high school age Peter Parker, I can see him in a role centred around the character being a bit insecure and ‘finding himself’ as a teenager and he has some film experience, in a big blockbuster, The Impossible and with How I live now, a smaller drama. But going straight into the MCU from what he’s done previously may be a bit of a shock to the system, I believe he can pull the role off and be a good Spiderman, though he won’t be as good as Andrew Garfield because c’mon, Garfield was a fantastic Spiderman.

It’s just awesome that we have some solid news on the new Spiderman and its’ director and knowing Tom Holland will be in Captain America Civil War as Spidey is pretty cool, now we just have to wait a 11 months or so to see how he actually plays the role in Civil War, fingers crossed.


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