Heroes Reborn preview (The extraordinary among us)

So there’s a minute long preview to Heroes Reborn now, the long awaited follow up to the popular but divisive show Heroes, Heroes Reborn has been teased over the past several months with some cryptic promo photos and video but now we have our first solid look at what to expect from the season.

Messages saying “where are heroes?” are seeing spray painted on walls and rooftops and in this series, the super powered heroes seem to be gone, missing from the public eye, while a portion for the public longs for their return so immediately the tone is different to Heroes. With Reborn being the start of a possible resurgence of powered people in this world, while we get a few shots of people who presumably will be the Heroes of Heroes Reborn, including the returning Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman) and Masi Oka (Hiro) who we see right near the end, Micah (Noah Gray Cabey) all grown up now and Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) also return.

So far so good really, NBC is deliberately not telling us much about the plot in the lead up to the premiere and I think it’s a good thing to be a bit in the dark, it seems like Heroes Reborn may capture some of the feel of Heroes season 1 with characters exploring their new powers and discovering they have them, though that probably won’t be the main theme. But I think we’ll follow already established, functioning heroes finding their way in the world whilst laying low for some reason and why they’re laying low – is probably a big part of the story, the public even seems to have cult followings around the powered heroes as we see people walking around with a red flag with a question mark on it, linked to the “Where are the heroes?” question.

I’m quite looking forward to finding out the context of the world of Heroes Reborn and the state of the Heroes in question, as well as what’s happened with some returning characters like Mohinder, Hiro, Noah, Micah and Matt, the set up is already interesting so I’m curious to see how it plays out.

This could prove to be another hit for NBC but it’s gonna be interesting to see how a different TV audience reacts to the show, with the number of superhero shows now on air and with everyone having seen a plethora of comic book movies in recent years. Heroes Reborn debuts on the 24th of September.


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