Game Of Thrones, 6 talking points for season 6

So yeah… that finale eh, Game Of Thrones season 5 came to a dramatic and somewhat controversial conclusion last week and left on quite a few huge cliffhangers, some of which I think will lead us immediately into season 6, here are a few.

What now for Daenerys

Danys’ stories is one of the most interesting in the show and the overall story and she’s a very important character, events in Meereen and Drogon not fully in her control have taken her out of the picture for the time being but… what now? She’s about to be taken by a Dothraki horde from the looks of it so you have to wonder what will happen next, will she coerce them to join forces? Will a new Khalasar be hostile to her? How will the Dothraki react to Drogon? Season 6 should have a pretty great arc for Dany in the lead up to the end game for the overall story.

Meereen in Westerosi hands

Meereen being ruled by Tyrion and Varys is a pretty awesome concept, not strictly good or bad but… interesting, Tyrion is far from a dictator or warlord and he has his wits about him so he should be able to see things out, but can he really manage an all out civil war, governing city presumably just a few days after the Coliseum massacre. It’s a huge task and you also have to wonder if Varys now has alterior motives for Meereen or Dany.

Myrcellas death

This was a huge event that paled in comparison to Jon Snows’ murder but a significant event nonetheless, more or less confirming war between the Tryrells’ and Lannisters’ which will be massive in the south and possibly the next great war since the Lannisters and Starks, how will Jamie react to learning of Cerseis’ treatment under the faith as well? Something to think about.

We need to talk about Sansa and Reek

Theon finally realizing the logical thing to do and helping Sansa in the finale was awesome, they leapt from Winterfells walls into uncertainty and now they need to get the hell away from there/Ramsay as fast as they can, but where do they go? Will they likely meet up with Brienne and Podrick? Or is Theon/Reek too far gone now to ever be re-introduced into society? It’s a very interesting arc for Theon to be on and him and Sansa surely have a lot to bring to the story to come.

What next for Bran and Hodor

Both characters took a season break as their story was caught up to their book counterparts but what comes next for Bran especially is intriguing, he can warg at will now which is pretty cool, but something with a Weirwood tree, seeing visions of the past and future, children of the forest… it’s all a bit confusing. But I think Bran has a huge part to play in events to come and we’ll see what happens next.

Re-animation works, Jon Snow…

So guys, the Mountain has been brought back to life, not by magic or anything but via weird, crazy medieval science by Tyburn so yeah, people near death or fully dead can be brought back, we saw a few seasons ago that people can be brought back from complete death as well with the Lord of lights magic. Melisandre being at the wall, Jon just being killed, yeah we’re all thinking it, surely he has to be revived.

And while I’m not including this as one of my points, Stannis’ apparent end is also a big thing, though I personally think he’s still alive on the show, season 6 can go in so many exciting different directions, so here’s to another short 10 month wait (which is well worth it in the end).


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