Spy review

Spy is an action comedy movie and a parody of the spy genre, directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) and stars Melissa Mccarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Allison Janney,Miranda Hart. In a plot about a desk bound CIA worker who opts to go undercover, in the field prominent CIA agents identities have been revealed, to help prevent an arms dealer from letting deadly weapons get into the wrong hands.

The cast in the film is great and McCarthy is on her A-game once again as Susan Cooper, an insecure but intelligent CIA worker, infatuated with her CIA co-worker and spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law) who pulls off the charismatic, charming CIA agent role with ease, while her friend in Nancy (Miranda Hart) is some great comic relief and really good in her role. While Rick Ford (Jason Statham) is pretty hilarious, acting the foul mouthed, angry Englishman who seems to be unkillable, apparently seeing a tonne of action in the field but ironically coming up short a lot of the time, his character is pretty much a parody of some traditional Statham roles and he’s a great sport for taking this role on. While Raina (Rose Byrne) is the straight man character in the film and cuts a quite humorous role, feeling at home in a more comedic role as she’s already done Neighbours and Bridesmaids, her pompous and stuck up persona is one of the more fun parts of the film.

The humor hit surprisingly well as I personally wasn’t expecting to laugh half as much as I did due to the situations McCarthy gets in and how people react to her, while she herself is pretty funny and doesn’t pull back any punches when she needs to get serious and put a character in their place. The humor is well balanced and far from basic, with a few off the cuff, juvenile jokes here and there but mostly great humor, fast moving dialogue and great character interaction, especially between McCarthy and the quite naturally funny Miranda Hart, the comedy comes through thick and fast and is balanced well in the film some more serious moments here and there.

While the action scenes that are included are decent, though the action clearly isn’t the focus of the film and takes a back seat, regardless McCarthy once again does well in slight action oriented film. The plot for Spy is a play on some iconic spy films and has some unexpected twists, which was a nice touch as I personally didn’t see a few things coming and while the conclusion is a bit predictable, the ending was still satisfying the context of the story, leaving room for potential sequels as well.


. Humor is on point, helped with some good writing

. Plot is good, plays out in an interesting way

. Some characters are one dimensional


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