August movie preview

Summer movie season is a-swinging and drawing to its tail end already with August fast approaching, here are some movies to look out for. (Release dates are US dates by default) Fantastic Four - released on the 7th of August A re-boot of the widely disliked previous Fantastic Four films, this reboot helmed by Josh Trank gives the famous … Continue reading August movie preview


Thor: The Dark World review

We return to the story of the lord of thunder, Thor in Thor The Dark World, directed by Alan Taylor, set after the events of Thor and The Avengers, Thor returns to earth to find that Jane has been affected by a mystical force which Thor must protect and keep safe from an invading army and an evil leader who plan … Continue reading Thor: The Dark World review

The Avengers review

The Avengers assemble in Marvels culmination of 4 years of universe building and their first film to showcase their movies' big hitters, The Avengers come together to fight off earths' biggest threats, threats they couldn't beat individually and the threat that causes them to join forces is Loki, an Asgardian trickster and the brother of Thor. … Continue reading The Avengers review