2015, year of the spy

There’s something about 2015… it’s a big year for franchises as I touched in a post a bit earlier in the year but also a year for spies in a big way, with some notable new entries to the spy genre and a new Bond film of course. As well as Disneys’ new TV show K.C. Undercover, about a teenage spy, is the spy genre in resurgence or is this just a random coincidence?

Well it is probably just a coincidence but it’s a pretty notable one at that, with Kingsman The Secret service, Spy, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Spectre and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, all of which are pretty big budget and big name movies. The genre has had its’ up and downs in the past several years but I get the sense that there’s always an audience and a yearning for a great spy film, evidenced by the ongoing an lasting popularity of the Bond franchise. That and there’s that cool, slick element to the spy genre that seems to come naturally to it, while other genres try to emulate that ‘cool’ factor, spy films are cool, well the good ones anyway.

Personally I’m a big fan of the spy genre and it’s provided for some great stories over the years, so I’m all for a resurgence in the spy genre if that is what’s being seeded, I’d love to see more creative, nuanced spy films done like Kingsman, which was excellent. New and different doesn’t have to mean parody and it would be great for some more conventional spy films alongside the more creative ones, but in summary, I happily welcome more spy films and keep em coming, film studios out there.


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