SDCC 2015 – Doctor Who season 9 trailer

It’s comic con time and we finally have some footage for some new Who, as Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman return for the upcoming season 9 which will premiere in September, Clara is still present as the Doctors companion and importantly, so is Missy or The Master who played a huge part in season 8 and was presumably gone for good.

Various different and new aliens and creatures are present in the trailer, as are the good ol’ Daleks of course and a Zygon as well, there are some new creatures I’ve definitely never seen before on Who though, that ethereal ghost looking green figure, the man with metallic visor and yeah, it looks like we’ll be getting an interesting roster of different challenges for the Doctor and Clara next season.

Maisie Williams is also guest starring in an episode and she’s at the end of the trailer, it should be cool to see what role she plays, the tone of the trailer is definitely darker and more sombre, with the dramatic music and what seems to be zombies at one point, a ghost and quite a few literally dark scenes, keeping in line with Capaldis’ more gritty Doctor in what seems to almost be a few horror themed episodes to come. Another thing to note is that the Doctor is very much aware of his role, as he proclaims “I’m the Doctor and I save people”, we don’t know what context he’s saying that in or to who, but it’s a clear statement of intent on contrast to how he may have come across at some points in season 8 as a bit ruthless and uncaring.

Some things to ponder:

. What role will Missy be playing in season 9?

. Is that alien City featured possibly on Gallifrey?

. What next for Claras story

. Where is River Song? Yeah, thought I’d just throw that in there.


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