SDCC 2015 – Ben Affleck for new Batman film

Rumours about this have been floating around for the past week but it seems to be properly announced now with the Tour de force that is Affleck, partnering with accomplished DC writer Geoff Johns on a new standalone Batman film, that he will also direct and star in, initially this seems like a lot of work for Affleck but I’m intrigued to see how he pulls it off. Though notably, Affleck has already directed and starred in two films in his career – The Town and Argo, both well received films, but pleasing comic book fans as you know, is a whole different beast.

Also it’s interesting news as we haven’t even seen Affleck as Batman in Dawn Of Justice yet, so we don’t have much to go on but he does look the part in the films trailer, the speculation has already begun on what this new Batman film will be about, will it be a prequel or a story set during Batmans’ prime? How will it relate to Batman Vs Superman, if at all? The possibilities are pretty exciting as there are plenty of great Batman stories out there that could get adapted and I’m sure DC knows where they’re going with this.

I have faith in Affleck as a director and a solid actor and the announcement coming out already proves DCs’ ambitions with its own cinematic universe and it does make sense to announce it as Batman Vs Superman is far from a solo Batman film and by the time it comes out next year, it will be 4 years since The Dark Knight Rises, Batmans last live action film outing. DC wants to strike while the iron’s hot and get their movies out as soon as they can understandably, so this film may have a lot riding on it.


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