The Walking Dead season 6 talking points

Comic-Con is here, the annual few days of geek heaven for geeks of all kind around the world and the monster hit that is The Walking Dead has its’ own panel later today, so I thought I’d list a few major talking points going into the season 6 fresh off the heels of the dramatic and very good season 5.

Rick Vs Morgan (maybe)

Some recent images from season 6 pit Rick and Morgan head to head and this i a logical starting point for season 6 with battle lines possibly being drawn, Morgan came to Alexandria with a past, idealistic view of Rick in Mind and encounters him right after the Pete incident, instantly changing his perception. Morgans state of mind for season 6 should be a fascinating plot point and you have to wonder how he’ll react to Rick, Ricks group and the Alexandria situation, will he turn cold to Rick? Will he rise as a leader himself for Alexandria?

Divisions in Alexandria 

Alexandria is in an interesting position now with Rick just asserting himself as leader, just as Morgan rolled in and news about the Wolves is presumably about to be relayed to everyone from Daryl and Aaron, not everyone will trust Rick or want to follow him though and new characters introduced to the story should present interesting internal divisions. If Morgan does turn completely hostile to Rick, he’s more than capable of being a leader figure, with great fighting skill and a level, moral head, though as this point it seems like he’d be reluctant to lead and may want to be left alone for a bit.

What next for Sasha and Gabriel

Two characters who had an interesting arc in season 5 were Sasha and Father Gabriel, both going through somewhat of a redemptive arc after both going slightly batshit crazy, embracing who they are in the finale but their stories are far from over of course. What’s next for Sasha and father Gabriel and where do they now fit in Alexandria? If they feel like they now fit that is. Will father Gabriel leave Ricks’ group entirely if another faction arises and join them or will he just go it alone and try to merge into Alexandrias populace?

We need to talk about the Wolves 

The Wolves are of course, the big plot point for season 6, the comic book readers already know the ins and abouts of them but for TV viewers, we don’t know who they are, where they are or how many of them are there and that mystery will probably be a driving force of the plot, they also use herds of Walkers to attack and capture people which is.. pretty weird. They seem like a pretty unhinged, wild group of people shown by the two Wolves seen in season 5 and you have to wonder what the others are like and how many of them there are out there.


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