SDCC 2015: First look at The Shannara Chronicles

So there’s a tonne of TV at Comic Con as usual and some interesting new shows on the way, specifically with the brand spanking new Shannara Chronicles on MTV, so new in fact that we have no premiere date for it, based on the novel series of the same name by Terry Brooks. Set in a world mixed with fantasy and technology, it looks set to be MTVs’ most ambitious serialized TV show to date and from the trailer, it’s going to be pretty epic in scope. Even Jon Favreau is helping to produce the show.

We see the scope of the show in part from various sweeping landscape shots in the trailer, this show’s gonna be big.

Centred on 3 teenagers going on an adventure of sorts in a fantastical world populated by elves, monsters and other creatures, the film looks set to capitalize on the popularity of the Young adult genre in a big way, think The 100 but in a strictly fantasy setting, the show filmed on location in New Zealand as well, so if you get a slight Lord Of The Rings vibe to the trailer, that may be why.

The trailer has me interested and could be a huge hit for lovers of fantasy out there, I’ve also never read the books so I’m going in blind but curious, MTV will presumably push the show quite heavily and market the bejeezus out of it to garner up hype in the next 5 months or so and if it’s a hit, it could be one of MTVs’ flagship shows, The Shennara Chronicles debuts January 2016.


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