SDCC 2015: The Walking Dead season 6 trailer

So the trailer for TWD season 6 has dropped and it looks.. pretty intense, there’s a lot of things going on in the just over 3 minutes of footage we see, battle lines seem to be being drawn as expected and things look heated in Alexandria, the action picks up where last season left off, with Rick taking the role of the groups leader, though not everyone trusts in him or wants to follow him.

Morgan in particular seems to doubt Rick and may emerge as a new leader for a faction in Alexandria, one of the safe zone inhabitants at one point openly says that that Rick is dangerous, showing that there may be dissent and distrust even within Ricks own group, interestingly. While Rick appears to be defending his group and his role as a leader – presumably talking to Morgan or just to a vocal doubter in Alexandria, meanwhile Deanna puts her trust in Morgan and vocalizes how much they can trust in him, at one point Morgan states that he knows Rick and that he can stop him.

If an internal struggle develops in Alexandria, it’s likely to be Rick and co against Morgan and his supporters, although not everyone in Ricks’ camp may be fully on his side either, with one scene hinting at a possible rift between Daryl and Rick as well.

Another important thing to note is the walkers, walkers everywhere… we see a tonne of them, an almost unnatural amount (brought by the wolves?) and importantly we see them in Alexandria, confirming they will break in to the safe zone at some point and everyone will have to deal with them. Season 6 looks pretty action packed though with a tonne of different scenarios and who knows, it could rival the more eventful moments in season 5, the showrunners and cast always say the show is bigger and better each year, but it definitely looks to be bigger this time around.


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