Arrow season 4 talking points

So Arrow and Team Arrow will be swinging back to Central City this autumn and he’ll be back with a difference, adopting a lighter tone and image supposedly, in what a lot of fans see as Oliver fully taking on the Green Arrow superhero mantle, season 4 should be an interesting tonal shift for the show.

The future of Team Arrow

By the end of the season, Olivers’ mantle of the Arrow is more or less broken and Oliver doesn’t want to be the Arrow we’ve come to know anymore, nor does he want to work in team Arrow anymore, so what will become of the team you may wonder, it’s up in the air but I can’t see the team going inactive, it works so well for the show and it’s a key element in the formula of the shows entertainment. Plus I got the impression from Diggle that the team would go on with or without Oliver, if he’s not the Arrow at all in the first few episodes of season 4 for example so a new team Arrow with Diggle, Black Canary Felicity, Thea as Speedy possibly and notably without Red Arrow for the time being, could be pretty fun.

A new Arrow

So season 3 ended on a literal drive into the sunset scene with Oliver and Felicity together and seemingly fully embracing their relationship, everything is all smiles and Oliver has vowed that the Arrow (that we knew of at least) is gone for good and things will be different. Hm, how different exactly? Do we mean different in terms of costume change or attitude change, I can’t see Oliver or Arrow being lighthearted or as comedic as The Flash so I’m curious to see what a new Arrow will look and act like, a complete personality change for Oliver would be a bit out of character, so colour me intrigued.

Merlyns new mantle

Season 3 also ended with a surprise event in Malcolm taking on Ra’as’ mantle, a deal agreed between himself and Oliver in Malcolm helping team Arrow out, though Merlyn was very much a ‘good guy’ through the season, some of his actions were questionable and he’s a character that ultimately looks out for just himself and Thea, he’s a season regular in season 4 so seeing how Merlyn, with his new mantle interacts with everyone else should be interesting. And also, will Nyssa still work in the league of shadows under Merlyn or will she leave behind the League altogether now?

Tying into Legends of Tomorrow 

Both Arrow and The Flashs new seasons will both tie into and set up Legends Of Tomorrow so events to come will presumably be important and involve some time travel elements, expect more crossovers and trippy mind bending reality stuff, the potential for more superpowered characters on Arrow would be awesome. The panel revealed Diggles new costume, an awesome new touch for the character, reminiscent of an existing character in the comics and Thea also now has her own, the team felt like a superhero force in season 3 but it’ll feel even more legitimate with Diggle, Thea, Black Canary in their outfits.

Also we have newly announced characters that will be joining the show – Anarky, a teen antagonist who generally wants to cause chaos and is anti-estabishment and Mr Terrific, who will work with Felicity, we also know that Neil Mcdonough will be playing the big bad for the season, Damien Dahrk. Arrow premieres on October 7th.

Further talking points

. Who is Damien Dahrk and what brings him back to Starling City?

. Will we be seeing a lighter tone in general on Arrow season 4?


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