Gotham season 2 talking points

The comic adaptation procedural crime drama Gotham ended on well… an eventful note to say the least, with quite a few open threads that will lead into developments season 2, here a few talking points in the lead up to season 2 which will air in just a few weeks time.

Bruces’ discovery

That final shot in the finale was a pretty big teaser and of course implies what could be a big part of Bruces development and life to come, we may well find out what the purpose of that is in the next season or at least, start to get a build up to Bruce maybe becoming somewhat reminiscent of the adult Bruce we’re more familiar with.

Ed Nygmas mind set

Gotham is an origin show after all and season 1 was a twisting and turning, interesting look at how the Penguin rises up the crime ranks, though he’s not a fully fledged criminal boss just yet, he’s getting there. Likewise with Nygma and his arc in the later half of season 1, we see a new, more sadistic side to the character emerging and his mindset at the start of season 2 should be something pretty important to his character, will we start to see concrete evidence of the Riddlers persona start to emerge?

Barbara and Jim Gordon

Well how do you solve a problem like your ex going crazy, James Gordon has a lot on his plate now and will have to deal with things at some point, Barbaras state of mind right now is something definitely to be addressed, hell she could almost qualify for a stint in Arkham Asylum but we’ll see where she’s at in season 2 and what’s now happening with her character.

Well we’ll find out some things, get some new mysteries and see what’s new in Gotham when it premieres on September 21st.


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