The Flash season 2 talking points

The Flash will also be returning later in the year this autumn and with that crazy, awesome season finale, a few things have definitely changed and we’ll be seeing a mind bending, reality weaving season 2 with possibilities for some pretty exciting characters to be introduced.

Where’s Barry

Barry isn’t quite lost exactly but we see him going right into the wormhole in the season finale in the hopes of shutting it down, we don’t know if he will at all and if he does go into it, will he end up in an alternate reality, leaving the shows main universe Barry-less for a certain amount of time? Also if the main Barry/Flash leaves, will he be replace by another Flash, at least momentarily?

Multiple timelines

The wormhole itself is a cool plot device and allows for a tonne of new characters and realities to spring up on the show, from Killer Frost who we saw a glimpse of, to possibly Jay Garrick – the original Flash, we could see tonnes of twists on characters on the show already in different realities as well as Flashes from past and future, possibly Kid Flash or even Impulse. I guess the question is, who will we definitely be seeing? It seems likely we’ll get a new Flash or two in season 2 and Killer Frost is pretty much a shoe in, which is cool (pun intended).

Harrison Wells

With the events of the finale, a lot is now different and Tom Cavanagh will be back as a season regular as the OG Harrison Wells, alive and as he was but with a world of difference of course, with the Reverse Flash out of the picture (for now), how will he react to the particle accelerator and meta-humans existing? Will he help Team Flash come up with an idea to fix the wormhole?

Also two new characters have been announced for the show in Patty Spivot (Shantel Vansanten) – a new love interest for Barry and Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) the original Flash, who has also been cast, bringing another Flash to the show could provide for some interesting plot development, plus seeing how other characters react to him should be great.


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