SDCC 2015: Legends Of Tomorrow stylized trailer

The CW has dropped a new Legends Of Tomorrow trailer in a panel divided, comic book style and it looks awesome, there isn’t much of any new footage for the show but it’s a mash up of Arrow and The Flash, with the origins and stories of Oliver and Barry thus far, leading up to Legends Of Tomorrow. Vandal Savage is also in the trailer in comic book form which is a nice touch.

Legends Of Tomorrow notably looks quite a bit better special effects wise and a bit of post production polish has probably been done for the trailers effects, so yeah we should get some new footage from the CW later in the year after the show does actually start filming (this footage is just for the promotional trailer/to set the show up). From the Legends panel you definitely get the sense that the group of misfits won’t always work together in harmony an may frequently butt heads which is great for drama of course and it should be fun to watch, Legends Of Tomorrow premieres in early 2016.


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