SDCC 2015: Top picks for new TV

Comic Con is chock full of TV shows, showcasing new footage or teasing new seasons, it’s the place to show off new stuff to the world and 2015 is no exception as there are some pretty awesome shows in the pipeline for autumn 2015 and into 2016.

Fear The Walking Dead

After seeing the debut trailer from the show, you can get a real tone and feel for the show and it looks distinct and very different to The Walking Dead, the setting of the show makes things interesting, seeing how things collapsed as the outbreak spreads and how quickly things take a turn for the worst will bring a whole new type of viewing for a Walking Dead show. LA presents a whole new setting in its densely packed population, as we all know – a perfect catalyst for a zombie outbreak, the trailer captures the feel of an unknown epidemic breaking out and how everything goes from bad to worse. We’ll see how people react to all of the walkers and figure out how to deal with them, as opposed to seeing how people in the post apocalyptic The Walking Dead react to and deal with the walkers that they’re oh so familiar with.

The Expanse 

A very interesting looking and ambitious hard sci-fi show set in the future with the rise of different powers on different planets, somewhat of a space opera with an overarching mystery, with some great looking production and a great cast, The Expanse looks pretty big in scale so far and is a show a lot of people are looking forward to, it premieres in December on Syfy.

The Shennara Chronicles

High fantasy meets sci-fi in The Shennara Chronicles, an upcoming 2016 show on MTV of all channels, that’s based on the fantasy novels of the same name, epic in scope, it looks like it will have a big appeal for fantasy fans and of course for fans of the novels. The premise is intriguing and I’m curious to learn a lot more about the show in the build up to its January debut.

Notable mentions – Ash Vs Evil Dead, Colony, Minority Report, Lucifer.


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