Fantastic Four Trailer #2

The new and final Fantastic Four trailer is out, with some new footage and things are looking better I must say, early on we see a child Richard Reed, talking about his ambition for inventions, showing us how intelligent he was even a young age, he makes some sort of machine that short out the electricity in his house.

After this we see an adult Reed, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, presumably Victor Domashev was also there, stepping out of their travel ship an into the alternate dimension they travel to and things go terribly wrong as see, which is how the Four get their powers in this portrayal. After this we see a stretched out Reed, Jonny on fire, Sue turning invisible as they get monitored and observed by the scientists who they worked with for their mission.

And we see The Thing breaking out of his rock cocoon, Michael B Jordan seems to have Johnnys’ cocky personality down and we’ll probably get quite a few one liners from him, as he says “he’ll need a heat resistant workshop and a big ass sunroof”.

A government official talks about the four, now with their abilities and states how they can be used, showing how the military may have the wrong intentions for them now, as a scientist and close friend to the four states he doesn’t want them to be used as weapons, this may be a source of conflict in the story aside the Fantastic Four eventually battling Doom. And we see the group, seemingly again in the alternate dimension, in their outfits as they look at Dr Doom, then we get a look at Doom and see what appears to be a weapon in use, which creates a massive sinkhole and I guess this is Dr Dooms’ work.

From there we see the Four in action though it’s not clear who until we see them again in the alternate dimension, battling Doom directly, who plans to start a new world possibly using some evil super genius plan, a plan which will probably affect Earth, which is why the Four will fight against him.

The film has really come a long way and it’s looking good, seeing the fantastic four actually together was needed and they look good, it’s a well cast film from the looks of it and Dr Doom does seem menacing, though he was apparently going to be an evil blogger, the tone of the film does feel more gritty but it looks like it ll make good use of humour as well. And while I’m not hugely anticipating the film, I’ll definitely watch it when it’s out and I think it will probably be well received.

Fantastic Four is out on August 7th.


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