Joy trailer #1

We have our first look at Joy, from the director of American Hustle David O Russel, it’s an upcoming biographical drama once again re-uniting Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, Lawrence plays the titular character Joy, a mother of three who seems to be down on her luck, working as a desk assistant for an airline and seemingly in other various jobs. The film is based on the life of Joy Mangano who is an inventor, entrepreneur and founder of her own company.

Things seem to take an interesting turn for Joy as she goes about her ways, she gets arrested and put in jail and seems to go through a sort of nervous breakdown as well, from the looks of it, Joy seems to go into partnership with Bradley Coopers character as she strives to build a business for her family.

The premise of the film describes the story being about Joy going about becoming the founder and matriarch of a powerful business dynasty, it looks interesting and I’m always open to watch just about anything Jennifer Lawrence is in, she looks like she’ll be fairly good in the role from the trailer, plus Lawrence and Cooper partnering with David O Russel again should be interesting.

Not forgetting the other actors in the film including Robert De Niro and Virginia Madsen, Joy comes out in December.


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