Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – where’s the hype?

So Mission Impossible 5 is out in just over two weeks… anyone? For a big film out so soon, it seems like almost no one is talking about it or really that excited, which is a bit strange for a Tom Cruise lead action film for one and for a Mission Impossible film. Maybe people were just never that interested in a new MI film that no one really asked for essentially. And also the film doesn’t seem to be that widely marketed, maybe I’m just missing a lot of promos for it in one way or another, but I’m really not seeing that much marketing, no where near as much as Jurassic WorldTerminator Genisys or Ant Man for example and 2 of those films are also July releases.

The Mission Impossible films are great spectacle and exciting action thrillers but I do get the feeling that they’re sort of lagging behind these days in relation to other action films, to Bond – which they’ve never really challenged or competed with and to the now hugely popular comic book movies. And in a year with 5 big spy films, maybe Rogue Nation is just going to blur into the background a bit, will it be as memorable or fun as Kingsman? as funny as Spy? Will it have enough hype around it as Spectre already does?

It’s still early to say though, that airplane scene that’s been widely marketed for the film looks incredible, especially because that’s actually Tom Cruise on the side of a plane, in real life. One thing to praise about Mission Impossible films is their use of practical effects and creative set pieces that have made the franchise as a whole memorable and a bit different.

Putting Rogue Nation slap bang in the middle of summer as the film was moved from its initial November release was a bold move that should logically pay off as the summer is blockbuster movie season and the big action films with a lot of hype will almost always get huge box office grosses, but hype and anticipation is key here and that’s something Rogue Nation doesn’t quite seem to have.

I don’t think the film will necessarily bomb but it may have a lukewarm reception, critically and at the box office.


3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – where’s the hype?

  1. I agree… where is the hype? It looks amazing! But I think it’ll be a hit with the critics and the box office. I think people are being smart and thinking let’s not start marketing until after Ant Man is out because let’s face it: Marvel is a money making machine and it’s hard to go up against it. But totally agree with you. Great article bro


    • Thanks for the comment and yeah you’re totally right there, a Marvel movie right now will always win against an MI movie so you should just go after it, also the end of July’s fairly crowded, Paper Towns, Pixels and Southpaw are all out a week before Rogue nation so it’s gonna have some tough competition.

      But Tom Cruise is big marketing on his own so that should help the film.

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