Thor review

Thor is a 2011 Marvel film and Thors first live action outing, directed by Kenneth Brannagh, it chronicles the story of Thor in the MCU and sets him up as a strong, formidable character, we see his childhood and upbringing in Asgard, growing up with his mischievous brother Loki, the two of them growing to have a rivalry in wanting to please their father Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Thor however gets too arrogant and is banished to earth by Odin, in an effort for him to regain his humility and become a great hero again, meanwhile Loki schemes in Asgard to gain power for himself.

The film has a brilliant cast and Chris Hemsworth especially is a glove like fit for Thor, embodying his jovial nature and love of fighting, while Natalie Portman, Clark Gregg, Stellan Skarsgard, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddletone as Loki especially make a stellar supporting cast, Loki is still one of Marvels most compelling and interesting villains and Hiddlestone plays the role excellently. There’s a great sense of theatricality about the film and this works to great effect earlier on with scenes between Hopkins, Hemsworth and Loki, it almost feels like a play at times and some of the performances are great.

On earth, Thor is out of place and uncomfortable but willing to change and this provides for some good Marvel-esque humor, with Thor being in such unfamiliar territory, Kat Dennings especially brings a few laughs. Jane and Thors developing relationship is also there but not hugely important, with Portman and Hemsworth chemistry feeling a tad forced, I do buy them as a romantic pairing but I can see how people might not. Thors story is enjoyable and even though Thor has never been one of Marvels’ more grounded or ‘realistic’ characters, he still has an interesting character arc, as he rediscovers his humility and importantly changes as the plot progresses.

And in characterizing him like that, Marvel has given him a grounded and relatable side to him, though he can fly, call down lightning from the sky and so on, the film flows really well and every scene is purposeful, setting up later events and or having some relevance to the story, meaning no scenes are really wasted, even Thors’ humorous bantering. And the film also looks fantastic, Kenneth Branagh effectively portrayed an otherworldy Asgard with its’ alien looking structures, the sky bridge, the Byfrost, Heimdall, the frost giants, all look ethereal and visually striking, Thor has a natural advantage in being an other worldly character and having different locales, so the film takes good use of that.

Thor is sort of let down when it comes to the heavy hitting stuff though, Loki isn’t an equal physical match to Thor though he is a good mental match for him, while the biggest physical threat to him, he defeats in about 5 minutes which was a bit of a let down but that being said Loki and Thors showdown was decent. Thor also works in putting a few building blocks in place for The Avengers in including Hawkeye in one scene and Phil Coulson in the plot, which was a nice touch for Marvel.

Thor definitely could have use a stronger villain to take Thor on in a physical sense but Loki still provided a compelling and entertaining threat, while the film as a whole is a great entry point to the character and a solid, engaging movie that certainly flies by .


. Great twisting and turning plot

. Fantastic visuals

. Brilliant casting and cast


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