It Follows review

It certainly does

It definitely does follow, It Follows is a psychological horror film, directed by David Robert Mitchell about a supernatural entity that stalks and relentlessly follows certain individuals, Jay, a pretty level headed teenage girl inadvertently gets drawn into Its line of fire after a sexual encounter with another character, Hugh. The film stars Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi.

For a debut film from David Robert Mitchell, It Follows is a very good outing and a good horror film with a very retro vibe and feel to it, it could easily have slotted into the 80s with its tone, soundtrack and simplicity and the film works really well in being a pretty unsettling horror film. The premise is as straightforward as they come and ‘It’ is pretty unsettling, taking on different human form as it stalks its next target, hitting that horror trope of the unrelenting, unstoppable supernatural monster, think of ‘It’ being a supernatural terminator and you’re on the right line.

The psychological horror works in the film even with ‘It’ often being front and centre, we can see where it is exactly and slowly see it coming for Jay but presume ‘It’ can’t be stopped and the cinematography works well to capitalize on that feeling of paranoia as the characters know ‘It’ can be anyone, a lot of wide shots get used and you can often see ‘It’ slowly creeping into the foreground and it’s very creepy to watch. While other techniques are used like focusing on other characters, who may be ‘It’ but end up not being, keeping that high level of tension, but when the film does focus on ‘It’, the shots emphasizes the surreal and grotesque nature of the entity. On the whole, there is a very distinct minimalist feel to everything going on without a tonne of explanation of ‘It’ or any real backstory for the entity, it just exists like some sort of monster of folklore, possibly without any beginning or end.

And while being an effectively creepy film, It Follows isn’t necessarily deep, it would be easy to criticize the film for a lack of story and little to no explanation, but that being said I think the story works especially because we know so little and because that fear of the unknown kicks into gear and if we knew everything about ‘It’ then that fear factor would be lost a bit. There are also some great performances in the film, namely by Maika Monroe as Jay, she brings a real believable side to her character who just happens to be in this situation and she’s great in the more emotional moments, her character helps make the film feel more natural despite the clearly supernatural events going on.

It Follows is not quite the perfect horror film but it works well with its simple premise and has some effective scares without overuse of CGI, jump scares or lazy plot devices which make it easily stand out from the more generic horror films of this year.


. Has some good performances, Maika Monroe especially

. Effectively creates and holds suspense, makes use of a great soundtrack

. Story is a bit shallow


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