4 reasons why Spectre will be great

Spectre is the latest Daniel Craig (could also be his last) Bond outing and it’s already shaping up to be pretty fantastic from trailers shown so far, we look to be getting elements of a conspiracy thriller this time around, with Bond possibly having ties to the enemy, here are some reasons why I think the film will be great.

Daniel Craig at his best as Bond

Craig is one of the best Bonds no doubt and he’s coming off of the stellar Skyfall, he’s really come into the role and is as much of a commanding and charismatic on screen presence as Bond as some of the classics, imo anyway. Craigs’ Bond brings a more stripped back, visceral side to the character and he’s a Bond that people can most relate to in a sense, not being as prim or proper as some other classic Bonds, he’s far from perfect as a person and it makes great viewing as we get to watch a complex and often conflicted man.

A different side to Bond

Spectre hints at a covered, hidden side to Bond that he himself has tried to keep hidden from MI5 and it’s a fascinating idea for the character, to think that there’s a part of his past that even he wouldn’t want people to know, it comes against the idea of Bond coming from a good past and brings more angles to his character. This isn’t to say Bond is secretly bad but some backstory to Bond is a great idea and providing him with possible ties to the antagonist could provide for some interesting plot development.

A classic villain

Christoph Waltz plays the role of a character hidden in the shadows and he’s probably going to be Blofeld, the iconic cat stroking Bond villain whose face was usually shrouded in shadows or just off screen, though he’s credited as Franz Oberhauser in the film. Craigs’ Bond hasn’t quite faced any ‘classic’ Bond villains to date though arguably he did with Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. But pitting Bond against a larger than life character to challenge him mentally is great and some of Bonds most notable outings have been when he faced off against his arch nemeses/supervillain.

Continuation of Bonds’ story

Spectre seems to be a direct follow on from Skyfall with Craigs’ Bond and you get the feeling of more of a shared continuity within his films, rather than 4 stand alone, different stories which is a nice touch. Not that Spectre will necessarily connect to Casino Royale or Quantum Of Solace bu seeing Bond go on a progressing story across films is pretty awesome and should be great to watch.


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