Ant Man review

Ant Man is the latest entry into the MCU, following former convict Scott Lang as he aims to redeem himself and help out his daughter, he’s tasked with taking on the Ant Man persona by inventor Hank Pym to fight for a good cause, the film is directed by Peyton Reed and stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Michael Pena, T.I., David Dalstmachian.

Right off the bat, the film is very fun and quickly establishes its tone, being quite light and comedic and you straight away get a feel for Rudd as Scott Lang, perfect casting for the role mind you, he embodies the character really well and nails the comedic moments and he stands as a great figure to root for and get behind. And the film on the whole is very well cast with actors fitting into their respective roles really well, especially Michael Douglas in an inventive take on Hank Pym, Douglas brings a sense of gravitas to his scenes and is great throughout, while Michael Pena conversely plays the silly comic relief character Luis, while Evangeline Lilly as Hope is also great.

Ant Man works as a very Marvel film with its set up and layout, it’s fun, entertaining and shows an interesting origin story to the current Ant Man in Scott Lang but it’s a breath of fresh air with a very different type of hero story, involving the hero breaking into places and stealing stuff. I loved that it wasn’t about saving the world (though it sort of is) or stopping a larger than life super villain and at its heat it is really an elaborate heist film in the end with a lot of different elements to it that elevate it and make it a fun story.

The grounded side to it made for relatable characters and a nice break from the grandness of The Avengers, that being said the spectacle is still here and the effects all look great, from the dynamic shrinking and growing which made for great scenes to a lot of the scenes taking place at a smaller scale, the film had a lot of fun at that level with some creative and humorous set pieces. Showing the small scale brought a whole new perspective to things and a nuanced way to show action and it was great to watch. The shrinking aspect of the Ant-Man character is part of what makes him interesting and different but also Scott Lang just being a normal guy without powers and watching a more relatable character take on the mantle and fight the bad guys is kind of awesome and you really get a feel for his dedication to the cause.

There are some weak points in the film however, Darren Cross is another Marvel villain that’s barely fleshed out who comes across as quite one dimensional and you absolutely know what he’ll do and similarly can predict how things will go in the story but even then, that doesn’t take away from how fun and enjoyable it was to watch. Ant Man isn’t Marvels best but it is a good origin story, a funny and enjoyable film that sums up the formula and tone they’ve been going for over the years.


. Some inventive, fun set pieces

. Great performances with well cast actors

. One dimensional villain


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