Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation review

Tom Cruise and the IMF return in the latest Mission Impossible outing, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, as agent Ethan Hunt is out to take on the effective shadowy organization the syndicate, the film stars Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Alec Baldwin.

Rogue Nation feels like one, elaborate spy mission and it starts off at running pace with an incredibly plane sequence which has been widely used to market the film, in which Cruise really did hang on the side of a plane and did that take about 5 times, the use of practical effects in the film is noticeable and certainly adds a grittier, suspenseful feel to things.

Cruise is The stuntman of the modern action film and it’s great to see him in his element again, not looking like he’s even remotely tired of the action, the set pieces in the film are great and in typical Mission Impossible style, feel quite impossible to carry out which adds to the tension, the underwater scene in particular is great and had me on the edge of my seat. There are some great chase sequences as well, including a thrilling motorbike chase, shot well to emphasize the sheer speed of the chase and how one slip up could prove fatal. The action in general is great to watch, slick and well choreographed, definitely some of the best in the Mission Impossible series.

The returning cast is great, Cruise feels right at home as Ethan, while his crew in Benji (Simon Pegg), William (Jeremy Renner) and the ever present Luther (Ving Rhames) add some banter and fun interaction with Simon Pegg and his relationship with Ethan especially. While new additions Alec Baldwin as the FBI agent out to shut down the IMF, brought a new, interesting angle to things. Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust really steals the show as a rogue agent with her own own mission and impressive ability as a spy, she’s awesome in the film and more than a match for Ethan if need be, she’s an interesting character who helps progress things, keeping everyone around her on their toes.

The plot was pretty good as well, interesting throughout and with a new angle to the IMF presented, positioning them in a real world scenario – if such an organization was real, governments around the world would definitely want them shut down or sanctioned. Meanwhile the Syndicate was an adequate opposing force to the IMF, headed by Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), a slightly one note antagonist but a character who still carried a menacing aura.

Rogue Nation definitely delivers as a thrilling and suspenseful spy film and a great Mission Impossible film, even without a mass of hype leading up to it, Cruise is again great as Ethan Hunt and new additions to the cast make for some great characters, while the action is great and the film makes great use of tension in a few scenes.


. Awesome set pieces, great chase sequences and fight scenes

. Engaging, twisting plot

. Great use of tension


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