Star Wars The Force Awakens TV spot 1

So some new Force Awakens footage has emerged in the first few seconds of a new TV spot, showing the huge scope of the former Empire from Star Wars, the new ‘First Order’, giving us a taste of this new look force as well as what seems to be the new emperor (Max Von Sydow?) in the foreground with some senior ranking officers behind him.

Seeing as the film is set several years after the original trilogy, it’s maybe not that surprising that the empire has re-organized itself in such a big way, but this makes me curious about the Rebels and what they’ve been up to, are they the same, stronger or weaker?

The rest of the TV spot has footage we’ve already seen but it’s an interesting different look into the First Order a bit more and if you’re still clamoring for some more of the film, we should be getting a new trailer sometime in the autumn and I can’t wait for the film.


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