X-Men review

X-Men the movie that kickstarted the modern superhero movie is a 2000 film, directed by Bryan Singer, with a stellar cast including, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellan, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Famke Jansson, James Marsden, Rebecca Romjin, Halle Berry. Mckellan and Stewart especially as Xavier and Magneto are brilliant in the film and all subsequent X-Men films, bringing an almost stage play like feel to their characters and really embodying what the characters stand for, while Hugh Jackman is a great Wolverine and really looks the part.

The story follows superpowered mutants, people with superhuman powers, mutants are born mutants by nature and have differences in their genetic make up to make them the way they are. X-Men kicks off following Logan, a battle scarred, weary loner with Adamantium claws, Logan is in a bar when he comes across Rogue, another jaded mutant just discovering her powers. The two of them decide to travel together after Logan feels sorry for Rogue and they run into another mutant – Sabretooth who’s out for Logans blood, Logan and Rogue are saved by the X-Men, a group of good mutants based in New York and they’re taken to their base of operations.

Thus the story of X-Men starts in proper, the X-Men are a group of good mutants, lead by Professor Xavier, a telepath and a man constantly campaigning for equality, harmony and peace among mutants and humans, while the Brotherhood of mutants also exists, led by Magneto standing for the opposite ideals, Magneto sees mutants as superior to normal humans and hates them because of his past treatment at the hands of people. X-Men may often be forgotten in the wake of the MCU or more recent X-Men movies but it’s still actually really good, the plot is told very succinctly and entertainingly and at 104 minutes it really flies by, the components of the film from the costume, to the soundtrack are all done really well. And the writing, also is very good and one of the best things about X-Men actually, from Logans one liners and seeing him riff with Cyclops on screen for the first time, to the characters back and forth dialogue, no lines feel that cheesy or throwaway, though Toad… as bad a character he is, still gets an okay role in the movie.

The plot is very straightforward and plays out well, pitting the brotherhood against the X-Men and the action is also great, it’s a great starting point for the X-Men franchise and it’s nothing on the scale of X-Men The Last Stand or X2 but the set pieces are still great, seeing Wolverine go at it with Sabretooth and seeing Cyclops use his optic blast in live action for the first time was awesome. The films plot is a great watch and you can probably predict how things will end, but it’s still fun and knowing that the stakes are high for humanity and some of the X-Men, you get a engaged with the characters.


. Great introduction to the world of the X-Men, good use of characters

. Great cast and equally great acting

. Engaging, well paced plot


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