Space Jam review

An interplanetary struggle for freedom takes place in Space Jam, directed by Joe Pytka as the acclaimed Michael Jordan plays for the Looney Tunes in a bid to help free them oppressive alien slavers, the film stars Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Therese Randle.

How can you not have nostalgia watching Space Jam, an entertaining albeit cheesy and formulaic animated adventure comedy film mixing live action and cartoon characters in a way that really shouldn’t have worked, but it actually kinda does. The animation was good for its time and seeing popular Looney Tunes characters again on the live screen was a welcome thing, the plot is straightforward enough with the weaker, good uys going against the stronger, better bad guys, the big hulking slavers.

And yes the fate of several characters is determined and won through playing basketball, namely in the Looney Tunes getting the help of Michael Jordan, a film like this is an interesting one with its humour and tone, the acting isn’t particularly that important but Wayne Knight is decent in the film, while the voice actors for the cartoon characters are good. There are some emotional moments in the story as well which are done decently enough, though getting Michael Jordan to do some compelling acting doesn’t quite work, getting him to just be really good at Basketball does and it’s great to watch.

Space Jam works because it’s a lighthearted family film with a fun, engaging plot and a good soundtrack with the classic ‘I believe I can fly’ of course, fitting for the context of the film, it’s good fun and memorable for good reasons, unlike some other 90s comedies and it’s an overall good watch, easy recommendation for any fans of Looney Tunes and basketball.


. Fun seeing Looney Tunes character on the big screen

. Simple but engaging plot

. Good soundtrack


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